2021 Mackinac Races

July 24, 2021 - Bayview Mackinac Race

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 July 16, 2021 - Chicago Race to Mackinac

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2021 Mackinac Island Yacht Club Regatta Schedule

Races will be administered under the Mackinac Island Yacht Club COVID 19 Guidelines. Guidelines will be explained in detail at the Skippers Meetings before each race.


If the boat has previously been given a PHRF rating, all that is required is to renew the certificate for 2021. If the boat has not secured a PHRF as yet, you are requested to secure an initial rating. Both renewals and initial issuances of ratings are done through the Lake Huron PHRF Association, the designated certifying body for Mackinac Island Yacht Club races. There is no charge to secure your original or renew your PHRF rating.

If a boat has a current PHRF rating from another certifying association, it will be honored.

The Lake Huron PHRF web site and link to secure a new rating or renew your your rating is: www.lhphrf.com. The list of vessel ratings will be emailed to you, including your rating.

Once you have secured your 2021 PHRF rating, please email to Hannah at Mackinac Island Yacht Club - staff@miyachtclub.com

Come out and join us for a great 2021 sailing season!

Mackinac Island Yacht Club Regatta Committee

Jeff Dupre
John Kiener
Warren Levins
Jim Sugrue
David Rowe - Chair

2021 Race Flyer will be posted soon.

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July 3, 2021 – The Pink Pony Fourth of July Sailboat Race

This annual race, sponsored by the Pink Pony and Chippewa Hotel, is open to all sailboats as a jib and main event. This is a fun, family event with a cabin plaque awarded to all boats. There is no entry fee. The party and awards ceremony will be held at Mackinac Island Yacht Club immediately after the race.


2021 Race Flyer will be posted soon.

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July 21, 2021 - Chicago Mac Week - Round the Island Race

Please contact the Yacht Club at staff@miyachtclub.com  or go directly to the Yacht Club to pick up Sailing Instructions to register.

MIYC will be hosting the 14th Annual Chicago Mac Race Week - Round the Island Race. This regatta will always be on Wednesday following the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac. The race is open to all sailboats in the Chicago Mac Race and all boats in the Mackinac area.

Immediately following the race, the awards ceremony and party will be held at Mackinac Island Yacht Club with food, drinks, and lots of fun. Prizes include brag flags and keeper trophies. The Madigan Trophy is awarded to first in fleet.

There is no fee for the 2021 race.

WHO: Sailboats in the Mackinac area of all classes and racers participating in the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac

WHERE: The Course: Start near the East Breakwater, leaving the island to port. Finish is between Windermere Point and the Round Island Lighthouse (identical to the Chicago Mac finish).

WHEN: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 - 1:00 PM EDT Warning Signal. The race will typically take 1.5 to 2.5 hours

HOW: Enter through the registration website (to be added shortly)

ENTRY FEE: No entry fee.

DOCKAGE: Free dockage for participants at the Starline Ferry dock on the evenings of July 20 and 21 (courtesy of Starline Mackinac Island Ferry).

PRIZES: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes awarded for each section Prizes include a brag flag and keeper trophy. The Madigan Trophy will be awarded to 1st in fleet for the offshore monohull class.

SOCIAL: Awards and party at the Mackinac Island Yacht Club shortly after the race. (Approx. 3:30 PM EDT) Keg beer, wine, soft drinks, food camaraderie, sea stories, family fun.

Sailing Instructions (2021 version to be posted soon.)

2021 Race Flyer will be posted soon.

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August 14, 2021 - Mission Point Mac to Mac Regatta

You are invited to participate in the "Mission Point Mac to Mac Regatta" to be held Saturday, August 14, 2021. This race is an annual regatta co-sponsored by Mission Point Resort and Mackinac Island Yacht Club and open to all sailboats. The race course will be a 12.5 miles out and back, racing from the east break wall in Mackinac Island Harbor to the Mackinac Bridge. The turning mark will be the green buoy 0.3 nautical miles west of the Mackinac Bridge. The finish line will be in the harbor directly across from Mackinac Island Yacht Club. The party and awards ceremony will be held at The Bistro on the Greens at Mission Point Resort immediately following the race.

September 4, 2021 - Horns Bar Labor Day Regatta

The annual Horns Bar Labor Day Regatta takes racers through the round the Island course. It is a fun event open to sailboats of all classes. There is no entry fee. The awards ceremony and party will be held immediately following the race at Mackinac Island Yacht Club, courtesy of Steve and Patti Ann Moskwa, owners of Horns Bar and the Yankee Rebel. All participants will receive a cabin plaque.

The first in fleet winner will be awarded the “Andy Kiener Memorial Trophy."

2021 Race Flyer will be posted soon.

Labor Day Race




2019 Race Results

Pink Pony 4th of July Race - July 5, 2019
1st Place - "Panache" - Tod Meisel
2nd Place - "Turn The Page" - Larry Walters
3rd Place - "Carolina Moon" - John Wininger
4th Place - Family Dock: - Mark Neumann
5th Place - "Dragonfly" - Steve Sjogren
6th Place - "Nowhere Plan" - Rick Kane
7th Place - "Katura" - Mark Bearss
8th Place - "Windermere" - Mark Chambers
9th Place - "Wild Honey" - Dave Rowe
DNF - "46 North" - Thom Hadfield
DNF - "Hot Sheet" - Brandon Lawson

11 boats entered

Chicago Mackinac Round the Island Race - July 17, 2019
Fleet 1
1st Place - "Charrette - John Peterson
2nd Place - "Break Away" - David Jankura
3rd Place - "Bad Dog" - Larry Taunt
4th Place - "Slapshot II" - Scott Sims
DNF - "Whitecap" - Quentin/Keegan

Fleet 2
1st Place - "Providence" - Greg Miarecki
2nd Place - "Liberty" - Ray Douglas
3rd Place - Sunshine" - Steffi Schuetee
4th Place - Souvenier - Steve Schiller
DNF - "Katura" - Mark Bearss
DNF - "Windermere" - Mark Chambers

First Overall - Madigan Trophy Winner - "Charrette" - John Peterson

12 boats entered

Mission Point Mac to Mac Regatta - August 10, 2019
1st Place - "Wild Honey" - David Rowe
2nd Place - "Panache" - Tod Meisel
3rd Place - "Ginger Kay" - Dick Lappin
4th Place - "Turn The Page" - Larry Walters
5th Place - "Dragonfly" - Steve Sjogren
6th Place - "Lake Affect" - Richard Strohkirch
7th Place - "Katura" - Mark Bearss
8th Place - "Hot Sheet" - Brandon Lawson
9th Place - "Sunshine" - Steffi Schueze
10th Place - "Bonnie Lass" - Jeff Metternich
11th Place - "Alice" - Mike Matalis
DNF - "Windmill" - Mark Chambers
DNF - "Island Girl" - Toby Murray
DNF - "46 North" - Thom Hadfield

14 boats entered

Horns Bar Labor Day Regatta - August 31, 2019
1st Place - "Turn The Page" - Larry Walters
2nd Place - "Family Dock" - Mark Neumann
3rd Place - "Day Dreamer" - Chuck Saur
4th Place - "Hot Sheet" - Brandon Lawson"
5th Place - "Katura" - Mark Bearss
6th Place - "Alice" - Mike Matalis
7th Place - "Killarney" - Brent Murphy
8th Place - Panache" - Killarney
9th Place - "Wild Honey" - David Rowe
10th Place - "Carolina Moon" - John Wininger
11th Place - "Windermere" - Mark Chambers
DNF - "Giuseppe" - Scott Brandonisio

12 boats entered


2018 Round the Island Race

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Racing at Mackinac
Racing at Mackinac


Racing at Mackinac
Racing at Mackinac