COVID-19 Announcement

Mackinac Island Yacht Club is taking the Covid-19 outbreak seriously in order to provide a safe environment for our members. We ask that you wear a mask when visiting the Club.

We ask that only members and their immediate family members use the Club at this time. Please do not stop by with guests unless they are staying at the Club.

We are enforcing social distancing rules at the Club. We are attempting to provide additional seating for members. The Club is open to all members but will be available on a first come, first serve basis to allow for social distancing.

While we cannot have a buffet continental breakfast, Tim will be providing prepackaged breakfast items for guests staying in the Club. While the bar refrigerator, soda dispenser and ice bin cannot be safely used, we will provide ice containers for guests to use. We ask at this time that you provide your own mixers.

We ask that the 7 am to 9 am time period on the porch be reserved for those staying in the Club to have their breakfast.

Tim is working on providing a variety of meal service options including fish fry’s (take out and by reservation), social distancing dinners, dinner clubs, etc.

In the event that a staff member comes in contact with the virus, we will follow CDC guidelines and quarantine the staff. In the event that this occurs, the Club will have to cease operation for that time period.